IRM launches a new alert: what time will the winds be most violent?

IRM launches a new alert: what time will the winds be most violent?

MRI does not rule out that damaging gusts inland are also possible.

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IThe Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) issued an orange alert for the coast from Sunday morning, evening, as sustained wind speeds up to 125 km/h. The alert is valid only on the coast between 9:00 pm on Sunday and 1:00 pm on Monday.

The difference with Hurricane Younis, which swept the country on Friday, lies in the fact that the strongest gusts focus over a very short period, and will be locally under rain, explains the IRM, which warns that Problems or damage are possible. In the sea, temporarily gusty winds will blow from the southwest.

If the Orange Alert is valid only for the coast, the IRM does not exclude gusts that can cause damage, inland is also possible. Due to wind, a Yellow Alert is in effect for the rest of Belgium from Sunday afternoon to Monday evening.

Strong winds will blow in the evening

On its website, IRM has provided additional information. “This afternoon, gusts will reach 80 or 90 km/h along the coast. In late evening and early night, an active cold front will cross our country from west to east, accompanied by localized thunderstorms, hail and strong to very strong gusts (…). After the cold front passes, local showers with strong winds will still be possible. We draw attention to the fact that predictions of gusts associated with heavy rainfall are more difficult than those associated with large-scale storms. We arrive at the following estimates for which very local inequalities are possible: Coast: 100–125 km/h. Inland: 80-120 km/h. ,

On Monday, the weather will remain rough with wind speed reaching 80 to 100 km/h and possibly a little more at some places. The IRM again forecasts a west-to-northwest area storm risk at sea. . the weather forecast for your area

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