‘It suits me very well’: Jean-Yves Le Drian, ex-French foreign minister, deals with the big loser of Australian elections

"Cela me convient très bien": Jean-Yves Le Drian, ex-ministre français des Affaires étrangères, tacle le grand perdant des élections en Australie

“I love the prime minister’s defeat,” Mr Le Drian reacted to laughter from the crowd on Saturday during the handover ceremony to the new head of French diplomacy, Catherine Colonna.

“At the time they were taken, the actions taken were brutally cynical, and I would be tempted to even call them notorious incompetence,” he continued.

“I hope we can engage again with Australia in a frank and constructive dialogue in the future,” he concluded.

Canberra sparked an outstanding tussle with Paris last September by denouncing a contract for the sale of French submarines to the Australian Navy for more than 50 billion euros, preferring them to Anglo-American nuclear-powered submarines whose French buildings was not provided.

To mark its anger, France had recalled its ambassador to the United States, an unprecedented act in this historic ally as well as in Australia, the country at the origin of the crisis.

Usually not very elaborate, Jean-Yves Le Drian then fired red balls at the criminals in very non-diplomatic but rare words.

“Lies”, “repetitions”, “contempt” … He accused them of concealing their conversations for months, condemning “massive breaches of trust” among NATO allies and behavior in passing the United Kingdom. did. Vehicle”.

In early April, Australian officials acknowledged that Canberra would have to pay up to 5.5 billion Australian dollars (3.7 billion euros) to terminate the deal with France.

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