“It’s a Damn Dinosaur”: They Capture How a Giant Crocodile Eats Another in the United States Society

Recently captured video South Carolina, United States, where you can watch a giant monstrous crocodile eat the other completely.

according to the information given by USA Todayhandjob Taylor Soper shared that the footage was captured by your father. The video shows a giant crocodile a small chew on dark green, which he swallows after a few seconds.

It all happened in the county Hori, where he saw that there was a small alligator about two meters eaten by a giant animal.

Soper remarked that his father was alone that day and that when he saw the animals in the water, Ran to start recording and grabbed the camera.

“And I was absolutely blown away,” he said. “It’s a damn dinosaur”, commented.

Users on Twitter were equally or more surprised by the imposing beast. video is already With 4.8 million views and over 49,000 likes.

In Brazil, a man killed another alligator

A week ago a video in which a man was sitting very calmly on a crocodile went viral on social networks as well.

According to Brazilian media, everything happened in the middle of the street sao goncaloin Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.

In the video, the man shared that the animal tried attack him twice, but covered the crocodile’s head with a towel so that he lost his sight and took advantage of the opportunity to sit on it.

“I looked away and there was the crocodile. He started following me He tried to attack me twice but failed. I jumped on it and i held my mouth”, said the man during the video.

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Officers, along with firefighters and police officers, rescued the animal, which they took to the Environmental Protection Area (APA) in Guapimirim, Rio de Janeiro.


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