It’s getting exciting in Germany: Olaf Scholz’s SPD is getting popular

It's getting exciting in Germany: Olaf Scholz's SPD is getting popular

Just over a month and then the Germans can elect a new parliament. Angela Merkel is leaving politics after sixteen years, so there will be a new chancellor anyway.

The election campaign is phenomenally exciting: while a month ago it looked like the race between the Christian Democrats of the CDU/CSU and the Greens would be over, Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats have been on hold for a week or two.

Today, for the first time in 15 years, the SPD was ahead of the CDU/CSU in the election. here you will find latest poll on a line.

historically bad

Christian Democrats have historically been in a bad shape. They are falling further towards 20 percentage points in the election. In Forsa’s latest poll, he got 22 percent of the vote, the lowest result ever. The party is very concerned, because – should this be the result of the elections – governments without Christian Democrats are even possible.

Markus Söder, the leader of the Bavarian Sister Party, recently grumbled, “I don’t mind being in the opposition at all.” Earlier this year, he fought a fierce battle with party leader Armin Lasquet for the leadership.

Laschet’s unpopularity is seen as one of the main reasons why CDU is doing so badly. He has never been liked by voters, who find him colourless, planless and involuntary. One big mistake His image has been tarnished by going to the flood plains.

Lachette is also the prime minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which was badly hit by floods this summer. During a televised speech by President Steinmeier, Lachette joked with aid workers in the background. It came in for much criticism.

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clumsy slips

Things are not going smoothly for the Greens either. Party leader Annalena Barbock was caught in her book ‘Jetzt’ ‘beautifying’ her CV without citing the source and copying pieces of text. He did some clumsy slips of the tongue and that’s why he seems to have to apologize all the time.

Bairbock’s mistakes reinforce the image that his competitors want him to portray: that the 40-year-old, with no management experience, is not ready for the Bairbock Federal Chancellorship. The Greens are falling to third place in the poll.

SPD leader Olaf Scholz benefits from this mistake. He has long been seen in polls as the most suitable chancellor of the three. Many see in him the politician with whom Germany is probably the most ‘same’, the politician who looks more like Merkel than his party’s candidate Lachette.

Scholz hasn’t made any major blunders so far, but has also stayed out of the critical crosshairs of the media. Who knows, criticism of his performance as finance minister in the Wirecard and Comex scandals may still come. He also did not make a good impression as mayor of Hamburg during the G20, when left-wing extremists left a trail of destruction through the city.


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