Jean-Claude Van Damme has found a new job: Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jean-Claude Van Damme has found a new job: Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The view is amazing. Tight white T-shirt and a wide smile crossing his face, the unique Jean-Claude Van Damme was in Kinshasa on Wednesday to receive Congo’s diplomatic passport. It was given to him by Deputy Foreign Minister Sammy Adubango on behalf of President Felix Tshisekedi. “It is with great pride that I have received this passport as an ambassador. It is the title of ambassador for the impact of youth in sports, health and culture.The Belgian actor said while taking possession of the document.

A gag worthy of an April 1 that’ll be a little late? Absolutely not if we have to believe the Congolese authorities. Before receiving his diplomatic passport, Jean-Claude Van Damme met with President Tshisekedi. And this role of ambassador will be not only honorary. It comes with a mission to complete Mr. Muscles.

Many are: for being ambassadors of Congolese sport and culture, but keeping their success and notoriety in the service of protecting the Congolese forests and thus the country’s animals and nature. Because the DRC has decided to prioritize the climate issue in discussions with its international partners. “The Congo is the world’s most beautiful genetic basket that must be preserved. We spend so much money going to other planets when there’s so much to do. It’s not physically to save this planet but to rebel. It’s time.”

DRC is the center of showbiz in Africa

As if that were not enough, Jean-Claude Van Damme also inherited the task of promoting investment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly in agriculture, a key sector to achieve autonomy and less dependence on imports. . “We are going to target North America, Middle East countries, Asia countries which will help in developing agriculture within the country so that we are not dependent on imports. […] These countries will help us to stabilize this great and beautiful country.”

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And not only that: JCVD ​​also has a mission to make DRC a showbiz hub in Africa. He said, he will try to convince international stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Lopez or football players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. that coming to Congo is not dangerous, that they have a wrong idea. of the country through the information reaching them.

We will remember the arrival in Damso country in 2020 for this purpose. The rapper was hailed as a hero and see is the first stone in this desire to make DRC the heart of Africa’s showbiz. Especially since Jean-Claude Van Damme is not the only person to receive the title of ambassador of the country. Before him, Jims and his brother Daddu had also received diplomatic passports.

Did Belgium accept all these missions to fill their bank account? also no. He will voluntarily perform this role of Ambassador to the DRC. Yet he would surround himself with a team to get it done and would immediately get to work to raise the necessary funds.


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