Killed by lesbian lovers to steal inheritance, estranged man

Killed by lesbian lovers to steal inheritance, estranged man

A pair of Portuguese lesbian lovers, inspired by the showtime serial killer TV series “Dexter”, allegedly murdered and hacked a man, cut off fingers to access his bank account and stole more than 77,000 inheritance.

Maria Malvero, 19, and his girlfriend Mariana Fonseca, a 23-year-old nurse, are accused of killing 21-year-old hotel worker Diego Goncalves in Portugal earlier this year.

When serious details about Goncalves’ murder came out, prosecutors agreed to put Malvero and Fonseca at trial.

Investigators say Goncalves was strangled on March 18 and the two women cut off his fingers to gain access to a bank account from his cellphone, using his print to swipe cash, Sun report, Citing the Portuguese media.

The women allegedly released Goncalves and after killing him and kept his head, arms, legs and hands for five days and threw his torso into the sea, according to the sun.

They later dumped the rest of his body into the sea from the rocks of the Algarve city of Sagres, the report said.

Local media have reported that this heinous crime took place after Malvero trapped Goncalves.

The report states that Goncalves allegedly lured her to give him an orange juice with a sedative after promising him an amazing dance at his home.

The accused alleged that the women were sending messages from Goncalves’ Facebook account between March 20 and 23 to reassure colleagues and friends that they were still alive, three days had passed.

Investigators say Goncalves’ torso ended up on dry land, eventually leaving the key behind.

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Malvero allegedly admitted to a local judge who interrogated her after committing the crime that she and Fonseca were U.S. citizens. Were inspired by the TV series “Dexter”.

The women will be prosecuted for a number of offenses, including murder, bodily harm, computer fraud and the use of a stolen vehicle, the reports said.


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