Kovid, Brazil has sedative deficiency: intubated patients bound

Kovid, Brazil has sedative deficiency: intubated patients bound

The hospital has 118 Kovid patients admitted, 40 of whom are in intensive care. “They are awake, without sedatives, intubat, with their hands tied to the bed and begging us not to eat them,” said the nurse, in oblivion.

“Sedative-free mechanical ventilation is a real form of torture for the patient,” says intensive care physician Aureo do Carmo Filho. A nurse on duty at another hospital in Sao Jose, the capital of Rio de Janeiro, said that some of the 125 Kovid patients died of sedative deficiency. “We don’t have any medications, we don’t have sedatives for ICU patients and unfortunately many of them don’t make it. We are helping health workers cry out frustration, because we can’t do anything. We have There are no syringes, we don’t either. ” There is a needle “, he said, adding that the nurse for the G1 site.

Brazil has more than 360 thousand victims Meanwhile, Brazil has left behind 360 thousand victims of Kovid since the onset of the epidemic. It was revealed by the National Council of Health Secretariat that 3,459 deaths and 73,513 infections were recorded in the last 24 hours. The total toll reaches 361,884 victims, compared to 13,673,507 confirmed cases.

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