Legislative: François Hollande is back

Legislative: François Hollande is back

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TookFormer French President François Hollande warned on Thursday against the risk of the Socialist Party “disappearing” in France if a deal with the radical left would provide for it to be wiped out in June’s legislative elections.

“It is not a discussion that is in question, it is a missing one,” he said on public radio FranceInfo. “It is necessary to discuss, it is impossible to disappear”, he added the day after PS’s first exchange with incompatible France (LFI, radical left). The latter is also in talks with EELV and Communist Party ecologists for a vote on June 12 and 19. It will be a question of “the history of socialism, (former president) François Mitterrand and his European commitments, (former prime minister) Lionel Jospin and his economic credibility and his social progress,” he said.

The former socialist president expressed his desire to “review or postpone this possible agreement so that the Socialist Party can begin to consider a further union with its eclecticist and communist allies”. “I think this agreement will not be accepted because it is absolutely unacceptable”, underlined “for the first time in the history of the Left (…) with the disappearance of any socialist candidate in two-thirds or three-quarters of the departments”. Went. Mr Holland.

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“In the current state of negotiations”, “the next government (if it was led by the LFI, editor’s note) would be prompted to question European treaties, to disobey them (…), to leave NATO. For, will not help Ukrainians any more by providing them military equipment” which will bring retirement to 60 years, while “everybody knows it is financially impossible”, he denounced.

While the first secretary of PS Olivier Faure urged those who would not agree to leave the party on Tuesday, François Hollande decided it was “a curious way”. And if he admitted to having “necessarily part of the responsibility” in the current state of the PS, the former number one of the PS from 1997 to 2008 lamented that “for five years”, his party was involved in “programmatic work”. Has not engaged.


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