Liz Truss’s Succession: According to Alexander de Cru, “It is better to have a Prime Minister with a future ahead”,

Liz Truss's Succession: According to Alexander de Cru,

On Thursday, Liz Truss announced her resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after six weeks. Alexander de Cru speaks on the question of his possible replacement.

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TookThe prospect of Boris Johnson returning to 10 Downing Street, following the resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Thursday, does not seem a wise choice in the eyes of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Cru.

“I don’t need to express an opinion on this because the UK is a democracy and democracy has to work. But in general, in difficult times, it is always better to have a prime minister who has a future ahead of him or her , ”Mr. de Crew answered a question from a journalist on Friday, when he moved to the second day. from the Brussels summit.

The head of the federal government specifically called for the rapid arrival of a new tenant at 10 Downing Street. “The United Kingdom is a neighboring country, a partner in many areas, and will continue to be so. So we hope that soon we will find someone with whom we can discuss all these topics.”

No candidate has yet officially declared themselves for the internal Conservative Party ballot, which will nominate the new British prime minister, but according to the British press, the former head of government is a little more than three months later. Ready to enter the arena. Pressured to resign after an accumulation of scandals.

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