Loïc has been living a nightmare since his identity was stolen, “I found myself unable to pay my bills…”

Loïc has been living a nightmare since his identity was stolen,

For several weeks, he has been confiscated directly from his salary to reimburse PV and for offenses that he has not committed …

A nurse at the hospital, Loïc was called in May 2021 by the Roubaix police station, then in Lille, Ronc, to purchase two new vehicles that have not been paid for. ,
I have never made this purchase. The identity card and electricity bill which were transmitted by the criminals are not in conformity with my own papers which I presented in the hearing.
“, he explains to our French colleagues of La Voix du Nord.

Only the payment slip had one disturbing resemblance: “
They are not the same salary, name, number, but the same address. I think these are the documents they used as support to create this false identity.

, ,

Loïc decided to file a complaint for identity theft. During these hearings they learned that the first vehicle was seized, one of which was not identified as the owner. No offense has been committed with this. No other vehicle found.

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fourteen tickets in his name

The nurse resumed the course of her life without any further news by March 19. ,
In the evening I have dinner with my parents in the restaurant. I wanted to transfer them, but my bank says I don’t have enough money in my account. The next day, I call her and she explains to me that now my account for unpaid tickets has been confiscated.

In all, fourteen fines are to his name, all for offenses located in Marseilles by a vehicle that he does not own. ,
On Monday, I was supposed to go back to work, but I was in such a position at 7:30 am that I was relayed so that I could go to the police station and contact the services of the exchequer. Without succeeding in being an interlocutor, I would have made about fifty calls during the day.

“was robbed of my life”

A real nightmare ensued:
I haven’t stopped since then. I spent my time sending letters, making calls. I no longer sleep, although I have a position of responsibility. I’ve always worked honestly, and at the end of the month, I found myself unable to pay my bills, my gas, my groceries, let alone vacation, because the Treasury paid me a living. Month left only 565 euros.

With each new levy, it also faced a three-point withdrawal on the license. ,
I want to condemn this void. They stole my life, my civilian status, but it took me time to know where to turn to have my say.

Fortunately, her tirelessness began to pay off. ,
I finally got a refund from the public treasury of Marseille, all my fines related to bad parking have just been canceled, but I still have to contact the National Center for the Processing of Crimes in Rennes to be able to cancel the others Will happen.

So after a month of stress and anxiety, the end of the tunnel seems to be finally shaping up for Loïc.


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