Lots of rain, violent storm, hail, strong storm, here’s the program…

Lots of rain, violent storm, hail, strong storm, here's the program...

The fresh air that has stalled in the country in recent days will be favorably affected by an anticyclonic cell, which will arrive this Thursday to settle in the North Sea.

This development would be favorable for more sunlight coming from the interior of the continent from the dry east to northeast and the establishment of only a few uniform clouds at altitude and some fair weather cumulus clouds to the north and east. ,

It will already be lighter in Hauts Fagnes with a height of 17º on the coast and up to 22º in the field.

Northeasterly sea breeze will rise into the sea with peaks of 40-45 km/h.

The next night the clearing and cloud will be shared between banks with the risk of rain or minor thunderstorms in the Luxembourg province and more in the Ardennes, Goume and Condoz.

Minimum temperatures will be much lower than last nights, with values ​​between 6 and 13º in the Ardennes and between 11 and 15º elsewhere.

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Friday :

The depression covering south-western Europe will begin to extend more and more towards France and the associated precipitation area will primarily affect the southeast and later locally in the center of the country, while in the north and west of the country This will happen. It’s still sunny.

It will generally be quite hot with highs between 20º (the coastline and upper Ardennes) and 26º (plain areas).

Saturday :

The same disturbance will remain stable in the north of France and south of our country, which will still give rain from time to time.

Elsewhere, the air will be cloudy or cloudy, which will be very light with the same temperature as the day before.

sunday :

As the center of the main depression will develop from the north of France to the Netherlands, the weather should be rough this Sunday and there could be a lot of rain and localized thunderstorms that move slowly from the south-west and become violent. (locally accompanied by hail and strong thunderstorms) Towards the North East.

It will still be very light with 19 to 23º in the north and east of the country and 23 to 25º locally.

monday :

The North Sea depression would have spread northward to Germany and would begin to direct unstable sea air over our regions under cloudy or cloudy skies and heavy rain, particularly in the western half of the country.

It will be less mild with a drop in day temperature between 16 and 19º in the Coastal region and between 19 and 22º in the Upper Ardennes and in the plains and Goum.

The southwest wind will be unpleasant with maximum peaks of 45-55 km/h.

Tuesday :

It will remain cold in the north-westerly current coming from the North Sea.

All areas under cloudy or cloudy skies will still develop showers, with maximums no longer exceeding 14 to 17º at the height of the Ardennes and 17 to 20º elsewhere.

Developments for the period between Wednesday 8th and Friday 10th June:

Improvement is expected with the arrival of an anticyclone from the near ocean.

The day temperature will increase from 17 to 23º to 19 to 26º depending on the region.

Possible trends for the period 21 to 15 June:

The weather should not be too unpleasant, will be mild but with the risk of rain or thunderstorms around June 12-13.

A further increase in temperature may occur later with more stable conditions (to be confirmed!).


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