Malaysia deploys fighter jets to intercept 16 Chinese military aircraft

Malaysia deploys fighter jets to intercept 16 Chinese military aircraft

Putrajaya, – Air Force Malaysia Said, they sent fighter jet 16 fighters to stop China That shone.

The incident took place in the coastal area South China Sea, Waters that are disputed by both countries.

The “neighboring states” said the Air Force, military aircraft Type of carrier in a tactical formation.

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Reported AFP On Tuesday (1/6/2021), the aircraft “Panda Country” is about 60 nautical miles from the beach.

They were detected by radar, which the Malaysian military tried to communicate with the aircraft.

As they got closer, fighter jets were deployed to intercept them, where opposing aircraft did not reach “neighboring country” airspace.

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The Malaysian Air Force reported that the aircraft was moving into a structure deemed suspicious.

“This incident is very serious as it relates to the sovereignty and aviation security of the state,” Putrajaya explained.

Also, the place where he flew on Monday (31/5/2021) was an area which was busy with air traffic.

The “Panda Country” claimed almost the entire South China Sea, and built bases on the islands around the water.

The maneuvers of one of the world’s economic giants have angered a country that feels they have authority over these waters.

Despite frequent disagreements, China and Malaysia are friendly despite the unusual incident on Monday.

Apart from Kuala Lumpur, the countries that claim the South China Sea also range from Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei to Taiwan.

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