Many countries try to “coexist with new crown virus”

On July 25, in New Delhi, India, staff disinfect at a movie theater. On the same day, cinemas and theaters reopened in the New Delhi area, but the reception volume should not exceed 50%. On 25 July, India had more than 38,000 new confirmed cases, and the number of confirmed cases in India was second in the world.

As the US “New York Times” reports, although the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is still grim, in many parts of Asia, Europe and the Americas, local governments are encouraging people to return to the daily rhythm: subways, offices Restaurants and airports are overcrowded, and people are trying to “coexist with the virus”.

Coverage like “The New York Times”.

Scientists around the world have warned that, at present, more circulating mutant viruses are spreading around the world, and that even countries with abundant vaccines such as the United States cannot ensure protection. In the past week, the average daily number of newly diagnosed cases in the United States has exceeded 51,000, according to the New York Times, and on July 23 alone it increased by more than 82,000.

In the face of the new wave of the pandemic, many countries have chosen to “lie flat”. The United Kingdom has canceled almost all pandemic restrictions; Germany allows people who have been vaccinated to travel without isolation; Most of the rules for wearing masks outside in Italy have been revoked; Shopping malls open normally in Singapore…

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