Many women say they have been “stung” in a nightclub!

Many women say they have been

In the night from Thursday 24 February to Friday 25 February 2022, at least seven young women were looked after by teams from the same establishment on the island of Nantes, reports west france, All indicate that he was nicked on the dance floor. Three of them have filed complaints, writes La Voix du Nord.

On the arms or legs, he presented effective traces of an injection, then he explained to feel worse afterward. Some felt faint, others were dizzy or had a headache. and according to France Blue Nantes, they may outnumber these seven victims of one night. “A dozen people, especially young women, report these kinds of facts to us”, confirmed Nantes Public Prosecutor Renaud Gaudul. That’s enough to confirm the numerous calls for disbelief on the social network by other women, who in recent days said that dancing at a nightclub in Nantes or the surrounding area felt like being stung.

An investigation was opened for “administration of substances injurious to health” and assigned to departmental security. Potential victims are invited to come forward, especially to quickly analyze and find out if a product has been injected. Samples of many women were taken on this Friday.

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