Marine Le Pen’s party embezzled 6.8 million European funds, advancing French press – O Jornal Economico

Marine Le Pen's party embezzled 6.8 million European funds, advancing French press - O Jornal Economico

The French extreme-right party União Nacional (RN, original abbreviation), led by Marine Le Pen, will embezzle 6.8 million euros of funds from the European Parliament, a police investigation reported today by Le Journal du Dimanche reveals .

Le Pen has been accused of fraudulently using public resources for five years to hire people who actually worked for the National Union.

The French extreme rightist leader appears to be the accused along with 16 others associated with the party.

The situation dates back to the time when the RN was led by the father of the current leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, but it would have taken shape after the 2014 European elections, headed by Marine Le Pen, in which the right-wing party led the 24 Win the place

The French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche mentions that the management of the credit responsible for recruiting staff was “centralized” by the party, which only let its representatives choose an assistant and was in charge of hiring the rest.

The RN leader reacted via his Twitter account, describing Le Journal du Dimanche as “the official organ of Macronista power”. [referência a Emmanuel Mácron, presidente da França]”

“It brings up the same issue of parliamentary assistants as in all elections. Nothing new, ”he wrote in the context of the June regional elections.

The party’s treasurer, Valerand de Saint-Just, while speaking to the French news channel BFM, accused Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti of being behind the revelations of the investigation.

“He spends his life stating that he wants to harm NB as much as possible. This is, of course, a political maneuver just before the regional elections. He uses that newspaper and the story that tells us Don’t know where it comes from and it’s a set of impurities and slander, ”said Saint-Just.

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There is a 4-page report on the issue, given to the investigating judge on 15 February, stating that European funds were used not only to pay the employees who actually worked for the party Used to describe, for some people who improperly submitted employment contracts, the Spanish news agency Effe.

The French MP and candidate for the 2022 presidential election are presented as being directly responsible for this fraudulent system, with European funds financing the salaries of party workers, renting the funds given to MEPs to assistants Giving will be included.

According to Le Journal du Dimanche, most of the suspects claim nothing when they change computers or to justify their remuneration from the European Parliament.

Le Pen denied in court on September 5, 2018 that he had defrauded and today, for the French weekly, counsel for RN leader, Rodolphe Boselut, reiterated that all of the above parliamentary assistants had “at one time or another ” Work done. “For European Structure.

The newspaper also recalls that the European Parliament did not wait for the criminal proceedings to end before claiming the money.

In 2016 he asked Le Pen to repay 339 thousand euros and for months he withheld part of the appropriation for that purpose until he recovered about 60 thousand euros, but when it came out of the European Parliament, The transfer was interrupted.


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