Melania Trump condemned the Congress House raid and

Melania Trump condemned the Congress House raid and

The First Lady, who was accused by her former counselor of remaining silent, said on Monday that the “vulgar gossip” raised about her was quite “embarrassing” and “begging” to end the chaos.

“I was disappointed and sad about what happened last week. I find it shameful to make obscene rumors, inappropriate personal attacks and false, misleading allegations on me that deal with these tragic events.” .

Allegations came after an article by former First Lady adviser Stephanie Winston Vulkoff that she felt “ashamed” of working with her husband’s supporters after attacking Congress.

Ms. Trump’s former adviser, Volkoff, said, “I wish I could say that I was surprised by President Trump’s actions, but unfortunately I do not understand or understand Melania’s silence and inaction.” She wrote.

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The US Congress held a joint session to approve presidential election voting on 6 January, while US President Donald Trump held a rally in front of the White House.

Thousands of protesters who attended the rally later marched to Congress Bhavan and attempted to enter. While clashes broke out between the police and protesters, hundreds of protesters crossed the barricade and entered the Congress building.

The National Guards were sent to the Congress to intervene in the incidents, and the security forces maintained the order after a raid of about 4 hours.

Five people, one of whom was a police officer, were killed and dozens were injured in the incidents.

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