Mexico: López Obrador says epidemic among dictators locks down Mexico

President of Mexico ડ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Wednesday suggested that politicians who impose lockdowns or curfews to limit Covid-19 behave like dictators.

The comments came as La Paz Obrador once again closed questions about Why he almost never wears a face mask, Saying that it is a question of freedom.

The Mexican leader said that epidemic measures restricting the movement of people “are fashionable among officials … who want to show that they are heavy handed, dictatorial.”

“Many of them are showing their dictatorial instincts,” he said, adding that “the basic thing is to guarantee independence.”

Lopez Obrador’s comments came a day after the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Mexico Were “in bad shape” with the epidemic and urged its leaders to take the coronavirus seriously.

“The rising number of cases and deaths in Mexico is a matter of great concern,” said Tedros hannadam brebrecias, director general of the WHO, on Monday.

“We want to tell Mexico to be very serious,” he said. “We have said it in general, wearing a mask is important, hygiene is important and physical distance is important and we expect leaders to set an example …”

In his work on Wednesday, it was not clear whether the Mexican leader was referring to authorities in other countries, or to local opposition leaders in Mexico.

Many governments around the world have effectively enforced lockdowns or restrictions when people can leave their homes, arguing that some people live daily on what they earn on the streets.

In Mexico some local governments tried to use the police to impose restrictions on masks or movement, resulting in Scams of abusive behavior by the police.

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Lopez Obrador argues that such measures should be voluntary.

“Everyone is free. It’s welcome to wear a face mask and feel safe, “said L’Page Obrador.

The Mexican government has gone two ways against the grain of international anti-virus practices. He has given changing and contradictory advice on the usefulness of wearing a face mask, and has called mass testing futile and meaningless.

Mexico has so far seen 107,000 confirmed deaths, the fourth largest in the world, but Mexico tests relatively little And officials estimate the actual death toll is closer to 150,000.


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