Mid flight, a woman takes off her clothes and tries to storm the cockpit!

Mid flight, a woman takes off her clothes and tries to storm the cockpit!

Panic for dozens of British holidaymakers returning from Cyprus last Tuesday. A Jet 2 flight connecting to Manchester had to make an emergency landing in Paris after a problem during the flight. In fact, one of the passengers took off his clothes and tried twice to enter the cockpit. as explained by Mirror, she would shout “Allahu Akbar” and claim that there were explosives in the plane. Even worse, she would ask the children present if they were “ready to die”.

It was only thanks to the intervention of his 35-year-old father, Philip O’Brien, who was returning from vacation, that a semblance of peace could be found in the device. “Everything was normal, then shortly after takeoff this woman came back naked in the aisle,” he tells British media. “Then he knocked on the cockpit door shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’ As you can imagine, everyone was scared. ยป

Then the man intervened to subdue the woman. “I asked the staff why they didn’t lift him to the ground. They told me they had no rights. So I did it myself!”.

Thanks to his action, the pilot of the plane was able to land in Paris immediately but calmly. Jet2 confirms to the Mirror that the Larnaca-Manchester flight was indeed diverted to Paris to bring down the “disruptive passenger”.

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