Midterm elections in the United States: Obama called for defense by Democrats

Midterm elections in the United States: Obama called for defense by Democrats

The former president is making a very noticeable return to a series of meetings.

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Is As the crucial midterm legislative election approaches in the United States, a Democratic president is campaigning vigorously… except that he is not Joe Biden. 8, with enough stakes at this election date, it’s Barack Obama who we’ll see everywhere, on the ground, and in campaign clips, rather than the current White House tenant.

On Friday though, the two men spoke at the same time in two corners of the United States: Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama in Georgia, two pivotal states for the Democratic Party campaign. And both refuse, basically, the same speech: It’s a question of saving American democracy by blocking Republicans, Donald Trump’s party.

But the former Democratic president, playing with his sense of reaction and his art of “punchline,” stole the show from his vice president, and who never had his own eloquence.

“If they win, it’s impossible to say what might happen,” said a Barack Obama in shirt sleeves about conservatives, noting the enthusiasm of his audience in Atlanta. “I want you to get off your couch and vote! Put down your phone, leave TikTok alone, go vote!”.

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Continuing Saturday in Detroit, Michigan, the former president was able to demonstrate this rivalry. “Sir, that is exactly what I am trying to say. We have a structure here in our democracy. This is what I am saying, you will get an opportunity to speak later. You will not do this at your workplace,” he said, challenged by a protester was given.

US-Vote-Obama-Whitmer (2)

The former president – from 2009 to 2017 – moved away from the political arena, devoting himself to other activities: producing documentaries, publications, philanthropy … Wisconsin on Saturday, it will be in Nevada on Tuesday, then in Pennsylvania.

The election, to be taken with a grain of salt, predicts at this time that the Democratic Party will retain its precarious control of the Senate, but lose the House of Representatives to the advantage of the Republican opposition.


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