“Min Aung Lai” admits to attending the ASEAN leadership meeting in Jakarta on 24 April.

Thani Saiengrat Director General of the Information Department and a spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs said Brunei As presidentASEAN Set to beSpecial ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting in Jakarta Indonesia on 24 April So far, leaders of many member states of ASEAN have been involved Senior admiral Min ang hling At the same time, Myanmar’s Supreme Commander, many other national leaders are yet to confirm his presence. What will be the format of this meeting? Video conferencing or a meeting in conjunction with the above two formats to attend the meeting by yourself during the trip

Report goodNewsThe Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, General from the Government House for Thailand, have not yet responded to this special meeting of ASEAN leaders with no meeting to discuss with those involved in the preparations for the meeting. What format will be used in this ASEAN leadership meeting, which is under consideration and is waiting for a clear explanation on that?

The visit will be the first official foreign trip to Senior General Min Aung Hling, as the military seizes power from Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of his civilian governmentElection

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