N12 – Iranian ship that was attacked

הספינה האירנית סאביז שהותקפה בים האדום‎

New details about the attack on the Iranian ship off the coast of Africa: More and more details are becoming clear Mysterious attack of Iranian ship “Sabiz” In the Red Sea, Arab media reported it last night (Tuesday). Iran confirmed that the ship had collided with a mine or several naval mines attached to it – and that it had been damaged, the person in charge of which was actually unclear.

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An image report from ImageSat International (ISI) shows that the ship has been accredited by Western intelligence agents, which are being used for espionage and electronic surveillance by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and is actually the “Naval Front Base” of the Revolutionary Guards ” is.

Iranian ship Sabiz which was attacked in the Red Sea

The analysis suggests that the nature of the ship’s activity at sea is unclear – and the suspicion that it is a vessel that forms a “base” on the water is reinforced by the fact that uniformed men were seen on board Was. In addition, “Boston Waller” launchers were found in the ship identified from ships used by the Iranian regime.

Analysis of satellite images of the ship shows that in the last two years, it has hardly progressed – which reinforces the claim that it is a vessel aimed at activity in the strategic area of ​​the Bab al-Mandab Strait and maritime The movement has to be monitored. The Red Sea – Located on the south side as the gateway to the Red Sea, which separates between Asia and Africa – and connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean.

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Iranian ship Sabiz which was attacked in the Red Sea
Iranian ship location in the Red Sea

The narrow waterway south of the Sabies location forces ships to pass through a canal just a few miles wide – leading to several attacks on ships that have sailed in the region in the past. The Saudis have previously accused Iran of attacking their Houthi allies in Yemen using the ship. Pictures taken a few months ago by Saudi drones show fast attack boats aboard the Sabiz, which can be landed using a crane in the water – in the middle of the sea – for the purpose of attacking other ships.


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