National holiday in Brazil as part of further pro-actions against Bolsonaro

National holiday in Brazil as part of further pro-actions against Bolsonaro

Brasilia-. Brazil will experience Independence Day today, a tense day due to demonstrations in some 190 cities against Jair Bolsonaro and other acts inspired by the president in support of his attacks against the Supreme Court.

In the main cities of the South American giant, especially in this capital and So Paulo, strong security equipment was deployed to prevent excesses.

The official page of the Central Unitariana Trabajadores (CUT) indicates that there will also be mobilization abroad, and especially in Portugal, Germany and Austria.

It details how, above all, while protecting democracy and the rights of the working class, the acts were coordinated to show and reinforce the dissatisfaction of the Brazilian people with the president under the slogan: Out with Bolsonaro.

To confront its authoritarianism and fight against “more jobs, rights, income and higher prices that destroy the purchasing power of the working class,” denounced the Cut’s president, Sergio Nobre.

There are currently “millions of hungry people in the country, 14.4 million unemployed and 43.5 million without rights,” he remarked.

Following his election defeat, various sections of society are warning about a possible attempt by Bolsonaro supporters to organize an action similar to the January 6 attack on the Capitol in the United States by followers of former President Donald Trump.

To add fuel to the fire, the former military man confirmed Friday that the demonstration would be an ultimatum to Supreme Federal Court judges who adopted unconstitutional rulings against his government.

The Rights Now platform, made up of 16 Brazilian political parties, dismissed the threats and called for caution.

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In a note in defense of the democratic system, Derechos Ya warned that ‘Brazil’s constitutional tradition, of checks and balances capable of strengthening our young democracy, is at risk of serving a fascist-oriented project, led by carried out by the head of power himself. executive’.

This indicates that the ruler tries to “revolt against the legitimate decisions of the judicial power and to incite followers against the Supreme Court and its ministers”.

For weeks after these institutions launched investigations against him and those around him for spreading false information, among other reasons, Bolsonaro opened fire on the superior court and the electoral court.

In this context, a letter signed by former presidents, parliamentarians and ministers of 26 countries alludes to a coup d’├ętat.

Bolsonaro and his allies, including white supremacist groups, military police and official agents from all levels of government, prepare for a ‘national march against the Supreme Court and Congress, raising fears of a coup against the world’s third largest democracy’ are doing. , warns the letter.


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