Negotiations between the US and China have been “difficult and straightforward”

Negotiations between the US and China have been

Discussion in Alaska between US and Chinese Foreign Ministers “Hard and straight“As expected, US Presidential adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday After two days of meetings.

Despite the stress, “We were able to have very clear conversations during these many hours of meeting on the broad agenda.“, Added US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the press. Chinese officials left the meeting without making a statement.

Protocol violation

At the opening of the first meeting Between two rival powersIn Anchorage on Thursday, both delegations had long made very controversial allegations. They then blamed each other “Protocol violated“And to begin”Provocation“Antony Blinken Accuses China”to threaten“The”Global stability“, Illustrating angry response from Yang Jiechi, a top Chinese Communist Party official for diplomacy”American intervention“.

We knew that when we started the meeting, there are many topics on which we fundamentally disagree.The Secretary of State on Friday cited cyber attacks against the fate of Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan, as well as Beijing, citing the repression of Uygar Muslims by China.

It is no surprise that when we raised these questions clearly and directly, we got a defensive response.“, He speculated.

majority of “On Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and the climate, our interests overlap“, He assured. And”On economy, business, technology, we told our counterparts that we are looking at these topics“And”We make our decisions in a way that fully protects and promotes the interests of our workers and businesses“, she added.

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Jake Sullivan claimed that the Biden administration would continue to work on shared interests with China.Through normal diplomatic channels“”We were going to this meeting, we were obviously going out“, She laughed.


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