New Queen Consort Camilla Breaks With A Great Tradition Of The Monarchy

New Queen Consort Camilla Breaks With A Great Tradition Of The Monarchy

The United Kingdom’s new queen consort Camilla can now make decisions about the organization of the Palace. But it can also decide whether or not to uphold certain traditions.

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VsThe new Queen consort of the United Kingdom, Amila, now enjoys the status of consort of King Charles III. This position empowers him to take certain decisions regarding the functioning of the palace. According to Mirror, the new sovereign, as soon as he took office, decided to end a tradition inherent in the English monarchy, that of waiting women.

The tradition, carried out during the reign of Elizabeth II, wanted the Queen of the United Kingdom to choose a number of waiting women from the beginning of her duties, who would remain until the end. However, the wife of Charles III decided that she did not need personnel to look after her person. Multiple sources in British media columns indicate, “Queen Elizabeth II was so attached to her lady-in-waiting, Camilla, that she assures us she doesn’t need them”.

The decision marks the end of an era at Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth II was very close to her waiting ladies, who followed her wherever she went. The latter sometimes served the Queen for more than 60 years and some of them could be seen in funeral processions during funerals.

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organization, dressing, grooming

In fact, the waiting women are the sovereign’s personal assistant. Their tasks are many: they manage organizational issues related to royal ceremonies such as keeping a diary as well as toilet-related tasks: preparing the bath, taking care of the hair or even making clothes.

So Camilla must have decided to work without this company. She does not intend to employ women, who over the years have been used to doing everything herself. The decision is also in line with the monarchical vision of Charles III, who seeks to govern in a more modern and less expensive manner. If it is the end of an era, according to monarchy experts, this decision is also a logical development.


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