New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden to appoint country’s first Indigenous woman foreign minister

New Zealand's Jacinda Arden to appoint country's first Indigenous woman foreign minister
Nania Mahuta, a Mઓori, a native of New Zealand, became a country four years ago. First woman member of parliament Wear Moko Cow, a traditional tattoo on his chin. The country’s former foreign minister, Winston Peters, is also M માori.
“I have the honor of being able to lead the conversation in a foreign space,” Mahuta said. According to National broadcaster Radio New Zealand.

Last month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s left-wing Labor Party was re-elected in a landslide, with 49.1% of the vote, according to preliminary results. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats.

Arden’s upcoming parliament is the most diverse in the world. About half of the country’s legislators will be women – significantly higher than the global average 25%.
About 10% of the incoming parliament is openly LGBTQ – higher than the previous title holder, the United Kingdom, where About 7% According to the national broadcaster, members of the House Commons are openly gay Television New Zealand. New Zealand’s new Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson is also gay.

“This is a cabinet and an executive that is based on merit that also becomes incredibly diverse and I’m proud of that,” Ardern said Monday when he announced the cabinet.

“They reflect the New Zealand who chose them.”

Who is Nanaiya Mahuta?

Mahuta was First elected 1 went to Parliament in 1996, and has previously held several portfolios, including Local Government Minister and Maury Vikas.
That M માori queen of heaven, that Erkinui that Atyiringikahu and the current Mઓori king, Kingi Tuhithia, According to RNZ The Kyungitanga, or Mઓori King movement, is over 160 years old and has a significant political presence in New Zealand.

In 2016, Mahuta attended a traditional Moko – or Mરીori tattoo design – ceremony, becoming the first woman to wear Moko Cow in Parliament.

Moko is heavily symbolic and Contains information About one’s lineage, history and status. There is also a sacred protocol around T ā Moko – the act of applying Moko to a person. .Historically, Moko was applied with a chisel but now there are tattoo machines Often used.
At the time, Mahuta said she hadn’t thought much about how the tattoo would break new ground. “I’ve just thought about a longer launch in my life and the way I want to move forward and contribute. That’s the main thing for me,” he said. RNZ report.

Rokuwai Tippen-Allen, a political journalist with Mokuri Television who wears Moko Cow, said Mahuta’s appointment was “very important.”

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“The first face people see internationally is what they say, look and feel like M માori.” “The face of New Zealand is indigenous.”

He said the fact that Mahuta wore Moko Cow is very empowering.

Tippen-Elene added, “It shows that our culture has an international place, that people see the importance of Mઓori, and the difference that comes from being M માori brings this role,” Tippen-Ellen added. “Wearing the marks of his ancestors shows people that Maury has no boundaries and where they can go.”

Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum congratulated Mahuta on his appointment as foreign minister, including Simon Bridges, a former leader of the center-right National Party. Saying: “This is an important time internationally and you will be great.”

Gloriz Hraman, a Green Party politician who was New Zealand’s first elected refugee MP, congratulated Mahuta, saying it was “exciting” that the country was “distorting” its voice in foreign affairs.

CNN Mahuta has arrived for comment.


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