Omicron is more likely to occur in Covid patients; Three times bigger than Delta | COVID-19


Studies suggest that people with a covid release are more likely to be infected with Omicron than the delta and beta variants. Preliminary studies suggest that omicrons are three times more likely to be present than delta and beta variants.

The researchers based their findings on data collected by health systems in South Africa. This information, which has been uploaded to a medical preprint server, has not yet been expertly verified. It is also the first epidemiological study to mention Omicron’s ability to overcome the immune system that has been implicated in previous infections.

However, the researchers said that their research was done experimentally with infected cats and that those experiments did not show mutations in the virus but added that “such mutations cannot be ruled out.” He said that it is still being studied.

As of 27 November, 35,670 out of 28 lakh Covid positive people had been infected more than once. Most people who have recently had an infection are infected with previous waves. Juliette Pulliam, director of the DSI-NRF Center for Excellence in Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis in South Africa, said the Delta variety was the first to be affected.

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