On 14 March, AFP reported that Pai Tongsulade

 On 14 March, AFP reported that Pai Tongsulade

Burma dies, touches hundreds of corpses – On 14 March, AFP reported that the delegates who had fled from the occupation of the Burma Army were set up by the members of the Pai Tongsulade, which is the Shadow Council of the Union of Myanmar (CRPH). Reiterating his vision to bring revolution to the country and encourage Burmese civilians to resist the seizure of the army

By Pyi Tongsuludaw said that Myanmar is in the darkest time. More than seven weeks after the Burmese uprising across the country, it was responded to with a brutal crackdown on military dictatorship. There have been 12 more deaths, resulting in at least 90 deaths.

Through a clip recorded on the Facebook page of Mr. Mahan Vin Kengtan, the acting vice-president of Thirty Tongsuladov, Burmese protesters opposed the Burmese dictator’s post-8 curfew order asking people to stand for dictatorship

“This is the darkest time of our country. But the light of dawn is near. “And said” this period is still a test of patience for the Burmese people. To see how long we can endure the darkness, ”said Tan.

The report said Than was a former Speaker of the National Assembly from the League for Democracy. Or the NLD goes to Aung San Suu Kyi before the army’s seizure, which first surfaced through the CRPH clip after the news of the arrest. As acting vice president

This former Speaker of Parliament. He also called on the Burmese to help change the regime into federal democracy. Who will make all ethnic groups capable of playing a role in governing the country

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“During this time, all people had the opportunity to join together to form a new nation in a federal democracy. Which is a regime in which we are siblings who have to face the wishes of the army waiting for us. If everyone works together, we have to be victorious, ”said Tan.

CRPH made several statements after establishing support for the movement against the seizure of people’s power. Burma’s military dictatorship established the National Administrative Council (SAC), citing CRPH’s actions as a prison sentence of up to 22 years.


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