Our people preface the DRC-Moroccan shock: “We must stop talking about our communities only when things are going badly”

Our people preface the DRC-Moroccan shock:

Cody, Mourade Zeguendi, Pierre Compagnie, Soufien Bencock, Pierre Migisha… is a Belgian artist, sportsman or politician of Congo or Moroccan origin. DHIn collaboration with PPP Communication, have decided to bring them together – Capsules to follow on social networks of DH – To carry out the match before the match between DRC and Morocco. The first leg will return in Kinshasa this Friday and in Casablanca next Tuesday as part of the play-offs for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. “Despite Belgium having the two largest communities, no major Belgian channel is broadcasting this important matchThe organizers of the event condemn Pierre Kazadi. So I see this initiative as the solution. Because we have to stop caring about our communities only when things are getting worse.”

Of Congolese origin and from a family of diplomats, Pierre Kazadi knows what he is talking about and uncovers two tragically famous incidents that tarnished the two communities. Namely, a Moroccan match that did a lot of damage to the city of Brussels a few years ago and Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. “Our ties need not be strengthened, we are two communities that respect and appreciate each other. And these personalities are living proof that not only are thugs. They are also examples from which The youth make their mark.” Through his action, Pierre Kazadi hopes , YouFind a tangible way to change the way we are represented. Football has the potential to bring us all together and show that diversity is a richness.NTE ,,

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