Pandemic: WHO boss condemns “greed” that amplifies world’s suffering

Pandemic: WHO boss condemns

The WHO boss has condemned the “greed” of those who are already thinking of injecting a third dose of an anti-Covid vaccine, the necessity of which is not scientifically proven, when most of the world before it Waiting for the comment.

“If solidarity does not work, there is one word to explain the suffering of this world for a long time, it is being taken hostage by the virus … it is greed”, condemns the Director-General of the United Nations Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus took place, following the agency’s regular press briefings in Geneva.

In a desperate tone, he denounced the global divide in vaccine distribution that is “irregular and uneven”.

“Some countries, some regions are in the process of ordering millions of booster doses, while others have not been able to vaccinate their health workers and the most vulnerable parts of their population,” the leader condemned.

The WHO director and his deputies have long criticized the countries and industrialists who sign these contracts for the third dose.

Thus pharmaceutical group Pfizer/BioNTech on Friday recommended injecting a third dose of its vaccine to make it more effective at a time when the highly infectious delta variant is causing epidemic outbreaks in Asia and Africa and cases in Europe. increasing the number. in the United States of America.

WHO scientific chief Soumya Swaminathan confirmed on Monday that “there is no scientific evidence to suggest that someone needs a booster injection”, beyond the recommended starting dose.


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