Peru | Pedro Castillo’s cabinet receives vote of confidence from Congress

  Peru |  Pedro Castillo's cabinet receives vote of confidence from Congress

After an intense exchange of criticism lasting more than 13 hours, Pedro Castillo’s Council of Ministers finally received a vote of confidence from Congress.

It took two plenary sessions for the ministers of the new Peruvian president to receive approval. The vote was left with 73 votes in favour, 50 against and no abstention.

The head of the cabinet, Guido Bellido, called on legislators to put aside their differences with the executive to solve the country’s main problems, such as the pandemic and economic recovery.

The result of the vote was drawn, albeit with little sympathy, except for its direct partners from Peru Libre and Juntos por el Peru (left), who have many members in the government, the Belido cabinet aroused among congressmen.

Thus, the vote should be interpreted as the victory of “regime” over “polarisation”, originally expressed in votes favoring centre-right groups such as Popular Action (AP) or the Alliance for Progress (APP). who had voted mostly. In favor of Belido.

Hemisical’s three most conservative groups, Fuerza Popular (Fujimori), Awanza Pais (ultra-liberal) and Renovation Popular (extreme right), did not enter this dynamic, which denied their support as a bloc.

“We don’t have faith, people don’t trust you. I’m not going to give you my vote until concrete action is taken in all areas,” said Jose Cuato of Avanza Paes.

Political differences were also felt outside the plenary session with hundreds of protesters supporting or criticizing the Pedro Castillo government.


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