Pierre Menes “almost in a coma”: his trial for sexual assault postponed until 2023

Pierre Ménès "quasiment dans le coma": son procès pour agressions sexuelles reporté à 2023

The sports journalist, 58, was “very ill” and hospitalized “until May”, “almost in a coma”, according to his lawyer Mee Arash Dermbarsh, who was not present in court.

No civil party was present or represented during the hearing on Wednesday.

Expressing regret over the difficulty of the hearing, the court’s chairman argued to the defense, “In a file with a gray area in pros and cons, it is to the benefit of your client that it is not a sloppy file.” In which only one hour was left for study. of file.

Pierre Menes is on trial for acts of sexual assault, chest and abdomen “touching” reported to police by a Parc des Princes’s hostess after a PSG-Nantes match on 20 November in Paris. This woman did not file a complaint.

She also has to respond to a complaint of “sexual harassment” filed in October 2018 by an employee of a Nike store in Paris.

The complaint was dismissed by the Paris Prosecutor’s Office after being reminded of the law, a criminal orientation that could be amended in the event of new facts.

Mr Maines opposes these allegations.

He was sidelined from Canal+ in late March 2021 following allegations of sexual harassment. Former star columnist of “Canal Football Club” Encrypted channel left on July 1Ending almost twelve years of cooperation.

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