Pleasant and unconditional peace of arms. Israel approved SVT at noon to end conflict with Gaza

Izraelské jednotky odpalují rakety na hranici Pásma Gazy.

Jerusalem On Thursday evening, the Israeli Security Cabinet approved a cease-fire to end the 11-day Israeli military operation against Palestinian Hams fighters in the Gaza Strip. According to the AP agency, the decision was made before strong pressure from the United States. A representative from the Hams told Reuters that the group intended to follow at noon.

The Israeli Security Cabinet said it has unanimously approved a peaceful and unconditional ceasefire proposal submitted by Egypt. The official statement said that the time of the arrest would be decided.

However, not only the cabinet said that the ceasefire would be in force at 02:00 local time (1:00 SEL). Several media including Egyptian television and Qatari television, al-Dajra noted earlier that same hour. Thus, a spokesperson for Hammes told Reuters that the group would honor the ceasefire from the very moment.

The Israeli media wrote in the context of an anonymous creator, the afternoon was approved as the basis for peace in exchange for peace.

Minutes after the announcement, sirens were heard again in several cities in Israel near the border with Gaza, according to Reuters. A Reuters reporter in Gaza heard the sound of an airstrike. Immediately bag mucus DN did not suffer.

A previous phone call from US President Joe Biden to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was announced today. F The House told Netanyahu that Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations wanted to mediate a significant de-escalation of the conflict.

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Food Minister

According to Egyptian state television, Egyptian President Abdal Fatah will send two security delegations to Israel and the Palestinian country to work to maintain the SS ceasefire.

Two days after the eight-hour break Hammes and his ally Islamsk DHD resumed rocket flow. Meanwhile, Israel continued to punch against these groups in an attempt to discourage them from similar confrontations in the future.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gank said on Twitter that the Israeli attack is yielding unprecedented military benefits.

According to medical records, since the fight’s arrest on 10 May, 232 Palestinians, including 65 children and 39 women, have died in Gaza, and more than 1,900 people have been injured in the bombings. Israel claims to have killed at least 160 terrorists.

Rockets fired from Gaza paid 12 victims, including two children, to Israel, injuring hundreds.

Biden spoke to the Egyptian President SSM on Thursday and BL DM first spoke with the expected afternoon with enthusiasm.

United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric confirmed that UN negotiator for the Middle East Tor Waynesland is in Qatar and said that the United Nations is actively negotiating with all parties concerned as soon as possible.


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