Police knocked down doing on anti-Russian protests

Police knocked down doing on anti-Russian protests

Reuters has reported.

Anti-Kremlin protests have been going on for three months in the city of Khabarovsk, 300,000 miles east of Moscow. Locals were outraged by President Vladimir Putin’s decision to deny the assassination of popular local governor Sergei Fergal.

Video footage on social media showed a woman pulling out cops protesters and shouting, “What country do you live in?”

Proponents of Fergal say he is being targeted because he defeated a pro-Putin United Russia party candidate in 2018. The Kremlin says there are serious allegations to be made against Ferguson.

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Who is on the transition in Germany Ravi reportedly called police in a letter after he was reportedly attacked using a nerve agent.

“Officials in Russia are just cynical,” Navalny wrote.

“When half a dozen people took to the streets, they hid like cockroaches. They waited for three months, the number of people increased less, they became more courageous, and then they went out and started beating people for no reason, ”he said.

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