POLITICA ONLINE – Message from Russia: Arbitrary enough, time to eliminate foreign guard in BiH

POLITICA ONLINE - Message from Russia: Arbitrary enough, time to eliminate foreign guard in BiH

MOSCOW – Moscow today told the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, that to end the arbitrariness that had damaged normalization in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced and said it was time to eliminate the foreign guard.

As stated, the Balkan media widely cited the Arsenal assembly with a request to reissue charters with decorations to Radovan Karadज़ić, Biljana Plavsic and the late Momsilo Krajnik within three months, calling them “war criminals Blamed “Sputnik said that armed conflicts shocked the world and caused unimaginable human suffering.

The Russian Ministry states, “Without going into the essence of Inzko’s claims, we believe that it is necessary to remind that the Supreme Representative Body of Republika Srpska cannot be considered acceptable from a legal or ethical point of view.” Report Tanjug.

The High Representative also allegedly did not consult with the PIC Steering Board, which was invited to make political recommendations to the representative in such cases.

Moscow believes Inzko’s petty behavior once again questioned his role in the process of inter-ethnic reconciliation at BHH.

“In his interpretation of his actions and his own mandate, he not only exceeds his powers, but is fast becoming a destabilizing factor, behaving completely contrary to what was assigned to him by the Dayton peace deal.” The Russian Ministry announces that we ask the Inharco to arbitrarily stop, which apparently disturbs the subsequent normalization of the conflict in BiH and brings additional tension to the relationship.

It has also been said that Enzo’s improper debut once again demonstrates a clear fact – the unconstitutional institution of high representative in BiH has long lost its “extra value” to solve problems in BiH and Has turned into a legal and political extremism.

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The statement concluded, “We are sure that the time has come to end this impregnable system of foreign guards towards the sovereign BHH and transfer all power to the country.”


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