Presidential 2022: The last day of campaigning before the historic election, here are the results of the latest elections

Presidential 2022: The last day of campaigning before the historic election, here are the results of the latest elections

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen put their last forces into battle on Friday, the last day of campaigning for the second round of French presidential elections.

isConsidering the latest polls, the outgoing President, who has been given a winner in the range of 54 to 56.5%, is on track to extend his lease at Rashtrapati Bhavan in Elysee for another five years. To the great relief of those in France and abroad who fear seeing extreme authority, a world power, a member of the United Nations Security Council and one armed with nuclear weapons, takes the reins.

On 10 April, more than 30% of French people voted for a far-right candidate – Marine Le Pen won 23.15% of the vote, former ethicist Eric Zemour, 7.07%.

The outgoing president is creating strong animosity after a five-year term beset by crises, from the popular movement of “yellow vests” to COVID-19.

According to a survey by the Political Research Center of the prestigious Sciences Po School in Paris, 38% of Marine Le Pen voters chose him as the first to block Emmanuel Macron’s path.

final straight line

“Nothing is certain”, insists the incumbent president’s supporters to mobilize in the final stages and overcome abstinence, who, according to experts, will be the great arbiter of the ballot.

According to Marshal Foucault of Savipof, “the greater the abstinence, the greater the narrowing of the difference in voting intent”, pointing to “a real risk to Emmanuel Macron”.

Between the two rounds, the two candidates went to seek voters for the candidate of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who came third with about 22% of the vote in the first round.

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The two candidates disagree on almost nothing: Europe, the economy, purchasing power, relations with Russia, pensions, immigration.

Whoever wins, legislative elections to be held after the presidential election in June are already shaping up to be a “third round”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has displayed his ambition to become prime minister and thus enforced cohabitation, relying on an overwhelming vote in favor of his party La France Insoumes, while allowing Marines such as Emmanuel Macron to obtain a majority. There may be difficulty.

latest poll

The outgoing chairman, given to the winner in the range of 55.5 to 57.5%, is on track to extend his lease in Elysee for another five years. This would be a political achievement never before achieved, apart from cohabitation, since the adoption of direct universal suffrage in 1962.

But if France – and the world – holds its breath, it stands to reason that the huge stakes inherent in any presidential election are only exacerbated by the prospect of seeing far-right power.


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