PUTIN LESSONS LESSON to WEST: Russian President makes a ruckus about Lukashenko’s assassination attempt! (Video)

  PUTIN LESSONS LESSON to WEST: Russian President makes a ruckus about Lukashenko's assassination attempt!  (Video)

– You can do whatever you want about the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the former President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, but turn to political killings – which crosses all borders – Putin said.

– Unfortunately, it seems that everyone in the world is already accustomed to the practice of politically motivated illegal sanctions in the economy, rude attempts by some to impose their will power on others. Today, this type of practice is becoming more dangerous, I must keep in mind the facts recently published about the attempted coup in Belarus and the direct attempt to assassinate the President of that country. It is characteristic that such collective actions are not condemned by the so-called collective West. It is as if there is no notice. Everyone pretends that nothing is happening – he pointed.

– The practice of organizing coup, planning political assassinations, among other things, and high-ranking officials – which is already very high. All boundaries have already been crossed – he said.

Everything, as they say, led to an actual coup attempt in Belarus, but no one thinks about how many people will die, so that the fate of that country can develop.

– And if indeed there was a coup in Belarus, what would happen because everything happened because of that. How many people will die To develop the fate of Belarus in general. No one thinks of that, as nobody thought of Ukraine, when a coup was made – Putin said.

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