“Rage or Anarchy”: Marian’s Editors Condemn “Intervention” by the Weekly’s Majority Shareholder

"La colère ou le chaos": les rédacteurs de Marianne dénoncent une "ingérence" de l’actionnaire majoritaire de l’hebdomadaire

Society of Editors of the French Weekly (SDR) Marion Angry against the change in the front page at the last minute. SDR condemnedInterference” of a shareholder. A version rejected this Wednesday, April 20 by the editorial director, Natacha Poloni.

The editors’ society condemns “Unprecedented attack on our freedom”. They claim that the weekly’s main shareholder, Czech billionaire Daniil Kretynski, intervened to change the front page of last Thursday’s issue.

The first edition of the front page featured the looks of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. This “anger…” under the eyes of the first, “… or chaos?” was noted. under another. The phrase eventually became “Despite the anger… avoid the chaos.”

According to the Society of Editors of Marion,The initial content of what was to appear on this front page was established after two collegium meetings involving management and the entire editorial staff. […] An explicit agreement was reached to make a factual distinction between the two candidates without prescribing their conduct to our readers”. SDR believes.

The newspaper’s management was obliged to respond publicly. In a letter posted to Twitter, director Natacha Poloni believes the final version will be titled “Translates the journalistic reading we do about the political situation in France, developed into a newspaper editorial.”

,However, I have decided to listen to all the sensitivities that make up the editorial team, while being attentive to the wishes of the CMI Group. [appartenant à Daniel Kretinsky] To leave no ambiguity about the status of our weekly”, Natacha Poloni says.

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Media L’OBS recalls that the Czech billionaire, Daniel Kretynski, entered the capital of the major French media since 2018, and controls the weekly Marion Through CMI France, a subsidiary of Czech Media Invest (CMI). The man didn’t want to react.


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