RTA’s new Abraham view with beautiful view and security


Dubai launched the new Abra service RTA with new security features and design. Al Abahi and Old Deira Suk have launched a new dirham smuggling service for two dirhams. Unlike the old Abs, the driver’s seat is raised to clarify the scene.

There is space for two wheelchairs and life jackets for the disabled. The state-of-the-art Abraham also has GPS, cameras and knoll card machines. The engines are connected to a remote monitoring system. RTA Marine Transport director Abu Bakr al-Hashimi said there were also modern sound and lighting systems.

This Aghor made of African teak is 35 feet long and 10.5 feet wide. With an engine of 78 horsepower, the Abra can carry 20 passengers. The old Abras had 30 horsepower engines that facilitated transportation to and from various parts of Dubai Creek. The service will run from 8 am to 10.45 pm from Saturday to Thursday. Ferry service will be available from 10 am to 11:45 pm on Friday.

Al-Hashimi said that 14 million passengers use the ferry service every year and that the number of stations will increase to 59 within four years. He also revealed that a new service will be launched for Dubai Creek to connect Jumeira beaches and design 26 new transport systems.

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