Russian students complain that they were taken in a flash mob in support of Putin

Russian students complain that they were taken in a flash mob in support of Putin

Students from Moscow and Belgorod attended events in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, he was invited to an event not related to the head of the Kremlin.

On February 5, students of Kutafin Moscow State Law University were used to shoot a video flash mob in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the student publication on 6 February DOXA.

University students were invited to shoot for a flash mob organized by the State Duma allegedly in support of the fight against coronovirus infection, promising to invite film Duma to those who attended the filming. A total of 50 people were needed.

DOXA readers revealed that filming Passed One of the hotels in Moscow. On the spot, it was revealed that the flash mob was dedicated to supporting Putin. The students were asked to chant the words “we have a president, together we will win” and that “Putin is our president.”

According to the newspaper, a similar situation happened to the students of Timiryazev State Agrérian University located in Moscow. Organizers invited university students to a flash mob dedicated to the Russian flag, but in reality it was a “rally in support of Putin” for Oleg Ghazmanov’s song.

Telegram channel “Belgorod №1” informed ofThe Belgorod Institute of Arts and Culture was used for the video in support of Putin.

“The students … were gathered in the assembly hall and asked to dance with the flag to record a patriotic video for Father of the Fatherland Day. The students did so – and then they did it on Instagram by Regional Duma Ivan Konw Saw the deputy. Dance with the hashtag #PutinNashPresident (Comments to Post Already closed). At the end of the video, while editing, he also added a sound in which the students allegedly support Vladimir Putin in the chorus, ”the post says.

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Putin has served as president until 2000–2012, with a break in 2000–2012, when he was the head of government.

On 20 January 2020, Putin introduced a draft law on amending the Constitution of the Russian Federation To state duma… he was unanimous Adopted in first reading Finalized on 23 January and 14 March. The State Duma of the Russian Federation, in particular, supported the amendment Putin’s presidency was reduced to zero, allowing him to remain in power beyond 2024, when his fourth presidential term ended. Thus, he will be able to serve as President until 2036, when he turns 84. On October 31, 2020, Putin introduced a bill for the state duma that would allow them Become a senator for life… Parliament passed it on 9 December.


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