Scientists believe they have discovered the world’s northernmost land, Greenland

Scientists believe they have discovered the world's northernmost land, Greenland

Posted by Graziela L on Aug 28, 2021 at 1:25 pm.

During an expedition, scientists discovered the world’s northernmost land surface north of Greenland.

The University of Copenhagen announced on Friday that scientists would be found during a Campaign one in july New Land, Who will become northernmost in the world, North of Greenland. so far it is Oodaaq, 700km North PoleWho made this record in his name. This small island No name yet, but was revealed 780 meters Only in answer to Oodaaq and Measures about 30 by 60 meters, three or four meters above sea level.

The scientists say that they went to collect the samples and thought they were on the first udder. NSGeographer Morton Rash and his teamThey were informed that there was an error in my GPS which led us to believe that we were on Udak Island. In fact, we had discovered a new island further north, a discovery that slightly extended the Kingdom of Denmark.The land of Greenland has actually been Danish territory since 1953.

However, Oodaaq may quickly reclaim the northernmost location of its land because the new isle is very fragile and clearly a short life. This historical quest may have taken too little time to find a name for it!

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