Second round of assembly elections in France: Shock to Macron, who lost absolute majority, here are the final results

Qui à Matignon?

According to a full count from AFP, Emmanuel Macron’s camp won 245 seats after Sunday’s legislative elections, down from an absolute majority (289), followed by Nupps with 135 seats and RN with 89 seats. .

The LR won 61 seats and its ally the UDI three, against a hundred in the previous legislature.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the abstinence rate reached 53.77%.

major rejection

this Sunday, French women and men voted to elect the deputies who would sit in the National Assembly. A vote with high stakes for President Emmanuel Macron, who faces a left-wing coalition, NUPES “led” by a furious Mélenchon. The electoral campaign for this election, sometimes referred to as the “Third Round”, had already begun during the presidency.,

President Emmanuel Macron faced a major disapproval, losing his absolute majority in the National Assembly. If these results are confirmed, the president will have to seek alliances to implement his reform program over the next five years, without giving them any favors in the face of the opposition.

According to observers, this could plunge France, used to parliamentary agreements, into chronic political instability. The role of Parliament can also be restored.

For the majority of the President, election night took the form of a “Slap, as described in the newspaper release, Despite the fact that the alliance together! The president came out on top.

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