Soon after its inauguration, Joe Biden will improve immigration

Soon after its inauguration, Joe Biden will improve immigration

The Democratic president, inaugurated on Wednesday, will also hand over an immigration law to the legislature that would provide an opportunity for millions of immigrants to illegally gain citizenship in the United States in the long run.

Presidential spokesman Jane Saki confirmed to the press that the rules signed at the White House include an immediate ban on the entry of citizens of 13 Muslim and African countries, blocking the US-Mexico border wall and canceling Trump’s decree . Will prohibit illegal residents of the United States from joining the population of congressional constituencies.

Biden signed on to protect the illegal immigrants who had entered the United States as children from deportation, directing the Homeland Security Department and the Secretary of Justice to continue the DACA program, and strict Trump’s presidential decree Canceled citing domestic immigration procedures.

According to news agency Reuters, business circles and immigration lawyers welcomed Biden’s decision to immediately remove Trump’s entry ban. One of the leaders of the US Chamber of Commerce, Maron Brilliant, said the ban “did not conform to American values” and that lifting it would help restore the nation’s credibility.

Since December 2017, when the revised version of the ban was approved by the Supreme Court, approximately 40,000 people were prevented from entering the United States, according to the US State Department.

According to a note shared with lawmakers in Raiden’s occupation, Beiden plans to issue additional presidents on January 29, including strengthening asylum procedures and reorganizing families torn by the former president’s border policy Involves setting up a special group for.

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Implementing the listed presidential orders promises to be easier than passing Biden’s ambitious immigration bill with Congress, according to the news agency.

According to a briefing to White Press officials on Tuesday, the vast majority of some 11 million illegal immigrants in the country will pave the way for an eight-year process to obtain citizenship.

Officials who are eligible to apply for the program, who already exist in the country on January 1 this year and meet certain additional conditions, will be given temporary status for five years, after which they will receive a green card , Ie a permanent residence permit will be obtained, and will have to apply for citizenship for another three years, officials said.

The waiting period will be shorter for DACA program holders as well as for those enjoying temporary protected status (TPS) in the United States. During his term, President Trump tried to end both programs.

However, the adoption of the planned immigration law could prove extremely difficult between the narrow majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives and the perfectly balanced balance of power in the Senate, Reuters noted.

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