Taliban promises to “pardon” officials and soldiers of current regime

Taliban promises to

In the first official press conference since the fall of Kabul organized by the Taliban on Tuesday, 17 August, Islamists have said they want to have peaceful relations with other countries and that women’s rights will be respected in accordance with Islamic law.

“We do not want any internal or external enemies,” said Zabihullah Mujahideen, the group’s main spokesman.

The group’s main spokesman said the women would be allowed to work and study “in order to be very active in society, but within Islam”.

The Taliban will not seek revenge on former soldiers and Western government officials, with the mujahideen insisting that the Islamist group is declaring an apology for both former Afghan government soldiers and Afghan contract workers and interpreters of the international military force.

“No one will harm you, no one will knock on your door,” the Taliban said.

He also argued that the private media would be able to maintain its independence and independence.

US officials also announced on Tuesday, August 17 that the Taliban had promised to provide safe access to the airport for thousands of Afghan citizens who want to leave Afghanistan.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at the White House, “The Taliban have informed us that they are ready to provide civilians a safe passage to the airport, and we intend to keep them on track.”

Sullivan also said that the United States was negotiating a program with the Taliban to evacuate American citizens and remove Afghan refugees.


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