The crows are attacking again, a new victim, a gentleman who was not helped by an umbrella VIDEO

The crows are attacking again, a new victim, a gentleman who was not helped by an umbrella VIDEO

Photo: PrintScreen/YouTube

An eyewitness to the attack told 24, “I heard the screaming and looked out the window. The older gentlemen were fighting the crows, but there were more of them. They were very aggressive. It was really bad.”

“It was a real fight, just a fight. There was nothing he could do, even though he was waving an umbrella. I started filming after only two minutes. It would all be there, because a lot of people like that.” pass through,” said an eyewitness who also recorded the attack.

He said that the crows came here because someone started feeding them and that’s why they say, they are not walking anymore.

Doctors at the Clinic of Traumatology have been taking care of patients every day for the past few days – because attack on crows. Although attacks by crows are not uncommon at this time of year, doctors claim they do not remember injuries like this year.

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According to the Zagreb Jutarnji list, Dr. Stipe Sorluka said two days ago that during the three innings he had even Four patients from crow attack.

“Honestly, I haven’t experienced anything like this since I worked. In the last ten days, a girl came to our emergency room who broke her hip, one broke her arm, one broke her arm because of a crow’s attack. He sprained one knee and one ankle,” said Dr. Sorluka.

The girls told doctors that the crows came to them without provocation, and that the two most seriously injured girls were on bicycles and suffered fractures when they fell.

An injured girl told Nova TV, “When I was walking, he hit me on the head and didn’t give up. I was still riding my bike, and I got down on my knees, fell And I broke my leg.”



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