The disappearance of a British journalist and a Brazilian expert in the Amazon: two bodies tied to a tree were found

Disparition du journaliste britannique Dom Phillips et du Brésilien Bruno Pereira en Amazonie.

The BBC announced on Monday that two lifeless bodies had been discovered in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, specifically to locate Dom Phillips, a British journalist collaborating with The Guardian, The Washington Post and The New York Times and Bruno during the search. Pereira, an expert at the Brazilian Government Agency for Indigenous Affairs. Two men aged 57 and 41 respectively have been missing since June 5. They were traveling together in the Amazon with the aim of collecting evidence to write a book on environmental protection.

Personal items (clothes, bags, shoes) of missing people were already found on Saturdaya man considered suspicious He was arrested a few days ago in connection with the disappearance.

And it was Sunday that the team of experts deployed to solve the mysterious case discovered two lifeless bodies last night, attached to a tree in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The bodies are yet to be identified, but they could be those of the journalist and his accomplice.

According to local officials in Brazil, Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were subjected to intimidation and threats during their travels, particularly loggers and miners who work illegally in the Amazon, Het Lateste Nieuws reports.

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