The end of the era in Cuba: Raul Castro retired from the leadership of the Communist Party

The end of the era in Cuba: Raul Castro retired from the leadership of the Communist Party
Raul Castro (89), one of the leaders of the 1959 Cuban Revolution And the younger brother of the legendary leader “FeedL ”, stepped down as president of the Communist Party last weekend and thus came to an undisputed end to control of the Castro brothers of the country.

“This fulfills my mission with confidence in the future of the country,” Castro announced in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Eighth Communist Party’s conference. “I will continue to be politically active and contribute towards the end of my life like a revolutionary,” he said.

In an effort to curb rumors about his health condition due to his advanced age, Castro said that he refused offers to fill additional positions in the party, and reiterated the fact that his departure was part of his personal will. There is no relation to anything else. “Nobody forced me and I am a follower of personal example. A human being should step aside and give a place to the younger generation,” he said next to M.H.Named Jaffa, President Miguel Diaz Kennel (61). “As long as I am alive, I will continue to defend the motherland, revolution and socialism,” he concluded.

Castro held many revolutionary positions for 60 years, from the commander of a platoon of revolutionary warriors to the official bodies of the revolutionary government, always close to Cuba’s security apparatus and internal control with his brother. In 2008 he was appointed acting president until 2018, a year in which he was replaced by Diaz Kennel.

As noted, the retirement of “Raoul”, as known throughout South America, marks not only an inevitable generational change in efforts to reform the nation’s economy, but the complete end to a model of control is.

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In terms of foreign policy, despite Castro’s departure, Cuba is expected to remain in a kind of relationship through dialogue with the US. When he was Barack Obama’s deputy in 2014.


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