The last video with Maradona – the video was published in Argentina

The last video with Maradona - the video was published in Argentina

Argentine television channel Cronica has published her last lifetime with a video Diego MaradonaA few days before his death.

The footage shows the legendary footballer with his head still closed After brain surgery, Says indifferently: “I have an injury, but everything is fine.”

The former Napoli and Barcelona star struggled to say hello to her doctor.

“You know, I don’t like close relationships, but when I’m with good people, I get out of my shell,” Maradona said.

Diego then showed his understanding. Despite his apparent troubles, he sent a funny message to the former Argentine footballer, whose name matches his controversial physician Leopoldo Lucke.

Together with his ex-wife Veronica Ojeda, who was filming the video, he said: “Luca, Leopoldo Jacinto Luca Kiss.”

Also included in the frame and his cook is Romina Milagros Rodriguez.

as reported OBOZREVATEL, Maradona died November 25, 2020 at his home in Buenos Aires.

Cause of death of great footballer Heart failureWhich led to acute pulmonary edema.

A month after the tragedy, Argentina Prosecutors filed charges Luca in the case of Maradona’s death.

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