The Night That Shook King Abdullah –

The Night That Shook King Abdullah -

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The intrigue of the palace is a family intrigue. The stepbrother who plots – or so they accuse him – to gain the throne he promised. Former councilors who were feeling sidelined and trying to return to the center of power. A country that is in the midst of turmoil in the Middle East and has survived the most dangerous changes ever. Joe wants to make Biden a key country for the administration and new relationships in the presidential field.

A flag so strategic on the map drawn by Washington, that the capital’s most important newspaper rose and immediately collected rumors in the US intelligence system: Jordan’s secret police – writes Washington Post Must have presented himself before the villa of Prince Hamza bin Hussein and ordered him to live there with his wife Basma.. At the same time, a former finance minister, another member of the royal family, Basim Awadhallah, and about twenty people were arrested.

Hamza’s arrest was denied by the state’s state-run news agency, Petra. But – it is confirmed – They were forced “to avoid activities that could promote chaos.” Something happened in Amman overnight. Sources explain this Washington Post “The plan was well articulated” and was intended to “create instability”, condemning “foreign influences” (Avdhala has been working as an economic adviser in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries for years ), Some leader of the desert tribe. The situation is under control and the palace of Abdullah II protected by armored and military vehicles.

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Hamza is the fourth wife and son of American-origin kings Hussain and Noor. Twelve brothers and half-brothers lived together, enough to create conflicting ambition and envy. The 41-year-old Hamza held the title of Crown Prince until it was taken from him in 2004 and then given to Hussein.The eldest son of Abdullah II and Queen Rania.

Already King Hussain, his father and grandfather, had changed his mind about the line of succession and had attained the Hashmi kingdom and a disgraced uncle for his son. Hussein had decided to remove the throne from his brother Rajkumar Hasan – promised in 1965 – weeks before his death in 1999.

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