The United States calls on China not to put itself “on the wrong side of history” after its ties with Russia

Les Etats-Unis appellent la Chine à ne pas se placer "du mauvais côté de l'Histoire" après son rapprochement avec la Russie

“We are concerned about China’s alignment with Russia,” a spokeswoman for US diplomacy said in response to the call between the two presidents, during which Beijing expressed its support for Moscow in terms of “sovereignty” and “security”. assured.

“More than three months after the brutal invasion by Russia (of Ukraine, editor’s note), China is still on Russia’s side. It continues to spread Russian propaganda around the world. It continues to defend Russia in international organizations. maintains, eschews its responsibilities as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and it still denies the existence of atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine, suggesting instead that they were on stage ,” said the officer.

“Countries that choose to side with Vladimir Putin will inevitably put themselves on the wrong side of history. Now it is time for world leaders to speak out loud against President Putin’s blatant aggression and to stand with the Ukrainian people,” he said. there is time.” China again warned against any “military aid” to Russia or “systematic support to evade sanctions” from the West.

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