“The United States cannot do without good relations with France”

France is not renaming hamburgers yet “Freedom Sandwich” But we still keep Petits away from the boundary. After the cancellation of the “contract of the century” of submarines worth 56 billion euros by
Australia, who will eventually receive their supply
United States of americaFrance canceled a reception at its ambassador’s residence in Washington on Thursday evening. A symbolic retaliation, as the evening was meant to celebrate the aid provided by France to American rebels during a major battle of independence.

The “acceptance” may be a smile, but France, still annoyed to see this juicy contract pass right under her nose, does she really have the means to go further to show her dissatisfaction? 20 minutes Asked the question to Jean-Eric Brana, an expert from the United States.

France spoke of a “backward blow” and canceled a reception at the French embassy. Was this union the minimum for such an event?

This is a blow of anger on the part of the External Affairs Minister, who has lost his cool. We can nonetheless understand this reaction: it is true that the contract is important and the stakes are many. First, there was a strategic issue on the right way to act in the Pacific. On top of that, Joe Biden was very clear that he wanted the leadership. On the question of the Pacific, he finds the Europeans a bit more temperate. This angry outburst from Jean-Yves Le Drian shows the desperation of this sidelining.

The minister’s response is directed against the Americans. Why ? Because there is commercial competition at the military level. It is true that the Americans and the French are in the same segment of advanced weapons. In this regard, the anger of the French is less understandable because competition is part of the game. Even though the contract was very advanced, it’s not the Americans who canceled it, it’s the Australians. It is against the Australians that Jean-Yves Le Drian should have reacted. But it is a whole in which we can clearly see that Joe Biden has decided to take the lead on the “Free World” so he comes out against a French president and his government who don’t want to be an ally. presented.

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Does France have the means to take it badly?

France still has a way to take it badly. It is the fifth world power, it has a seat on the UN Security Council, it is a nuclear power… We have heard a lot of commentators from yesterday saying that we are dwarfs, that we do not count for great -. No, of course we matter and the United States cannot do without good relations with France. We certainly should not exaggerate things in the other direction: France is not interested in prolonging hostilities because we are allies. The anger we get when confronted with disappointment between two friends who tell each other the truth is also part of diplomacy. It doesn’t get more serious and serious than that.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recalled that France was an important ally in the region. Are these formulas for circumstance or a desire to smooth things over?

Yes because France matters! The question is to know in what role and where it matters. Let’s not forget that there is a question of leadership and Joe Biden does not intend to bother with leadership better than him. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall they have always believed that the United States is the first world power, so they have a responsibility to the world in this regard and they don’t count. Submit to other officers.

They consult, but it stops there. As far as the military is concerned, let us know: the US defense budget is $750 billion, a 4.5% increase over the previous budget. it is too big! Other than that, apparently, France doesn’t matter much. But no country matters much. Even China’s military budget is “only” around $250 billion, a mere 2% increase from last year.

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Does Joe Biden have contempt for Europe and France?

Absolutely not, quite the opposite. Joe Biden’s whole life has been focused on Europe, which he is very fond of. Remind that he is from both Ireland and France. It is a symbol for Americans, and especially for Joe Biden. I absolutely do not believe that there is even the slightest contempt for France.

The idea is that there is a hierarchy in the importance of the files and that France is not at the top of the hierarchy at the moment. We have been greatly betrayed in France by a delusion under Donald Trump who, for once, created no real hierarchy in diplomacy. Having received himself with honor in France, he had invited the French President with respect. It suddenly felt like the most important power in the eyes of Americans, when it wasn’t.


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